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  • Anahita Seyedan D.O.M

Overeating During the Holiday Season

As we enter the season of (over)eating, I thought it would be helpful to share a remedy from Chinese Medicine that is great for that "overstuffed" discomfort.


First and foremost, NOT overeating to begin with is best. Prevention is the best medicine after all. However, realistically I know many of us indulge during the winter holidays and so let's discuss a few solutions for temporary reprieve.


The first thing that one should do after a big meal (ideally any meal) is to have some hot tea. The warmth of the tea aides in digestion, and if one drinks an herbal tea with a digestive benefit such as mint you get an added bonus.


The first remedy that we'll mention is called Bao He Wan (Preserve Harmony Pill). This is a common formula we utilize for food stagnation due to overeating, or to help reduce inflammation from eating disorders. This formula contains herbs like medicated leaven, Hawthorn Berry, Radish seed, and a few other things that aid in the digestion of meats and carbs alike to help relieve the distention pain and nausea or burping of overeating.


The next and perhaps more commonly known remedy is known as Curing Pills. Curing Pills also help balance digestion, and can help with overeating symptoms similar to Bao He Wan. Curing Pills contain a few herbs that Bao He Wan has, but also a few of its own, mostly for long-term digestive issues. Curing Pills also work very well for healing from eating disorders.


Make sure to stock up on Bao He Wan or Curing Pills this season, both available here at IFM. Happy Holidays!


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