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  • Anahita Seyedan D.O.M

Book on Chinese Medicine

When patients ask which book I recommend to understand Chinese Medicine better, my go-to book is Ted Kaptchuk's The Web that Has No Weaver.


He does a great job making something so completely enigmatic to the average person very accessible and comprehensive. The book is concise, and can be enjoyed by the lay person as well as a Western medical professional. The first chapter "Medicine East and West" is worth the price alone in my opinion.


Besides understanding certain terms you may hear us use in the treatment room, I think the best part of this book is that it enables the reader to be a partner in the process of healing through Chinese Medicine. It does this by offering a different way of looking at our lifestyle choices, and how the choices we make directly impact our health. It can be empowering if one so chooses.


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