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A sedentary lifestyle can lead to physical and emotional problems as well as avoidable health complications. The multidisciplinary team of medical professionals at Integrative Family Medicine in Gaithersburg and Columbia, Maryland, offers exercise and physical therapy that can help you with your weight loss or rehabilitation goals. At home or the gym, exercise therapy can boost your metabolism, relax your muscles, help relieve chronic pain, and provide a host of other benefits. To learn how you can benefit from exercise therapy, book an appointment online or over the phone today

Exercise and Physical Therapy Q & A

What is exercise therapy?

Exercise therapy, or therapeutic exercise, is physical movement with a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to rehabilitate an injured muscle, and sometimes it’s to prevent an injury from occurring. Some reasons your doctor may prescribe exercise therapy include:

  • Alleviating musculoskeletal pain
  • Strengthening a weak muscle
  • Improving function or range of motion
  • Controlling inflammation
  • Building endurance
  • Training to return to daily or recreational activities

As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, exercise therapy can also help with weight loss, muscle relaxation, or as a complement to various therapies, such as massage and acupuncture.

Who can benefit from exercise therapy?

There is strong evidence that shows exercise therapy can help you manage chronic diseases. Exercise therapy can increase your ability to perform daily tasks more easily, strengthen your lower body, and help you walk easier. You may benefit from in-home exercise therapy or an exercise program at a facility if you:

  • Are obese
  • Have coronary heart disease
  • Have osteoarthritis in your hips or knees
  • Want to avoid surgery
  • Are recovering from a stroke
  • Are recovering from a sports injury
  • Want to prevent falls and improve balance
  • Want to manage diabetes and vascular conditions
  • Have a lung condition
  • Want to avoid dependency on pain medications

Depending on your specific health concerns, the multidisciplinary team of health care professionals at Integrative Family Medicine will create a customized exercise therapy plan to assist you in a way that’s safe and effective.

How does an exercise therapy program help with weight loss?

Therapeutic exercises can help alleviate pain and restore mobility. With less pain and more mobility, you’ll be able to incorporate exercise as part of a healthier lifestyle. And when you’re able to exercise more, you’ll have a better chance of shedding those unwanted pounds.

To find out how exercise therapy can help improve your health, book an appointment with  Integrative Family Medicine online or over the phone today.

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