Brian Dougherty, DOM, MAc, LAc

Oriental Medicine Doctor & Acupuncturist located in Columbia, MD

About Dr. Dougherty

D.OM. Doctor of Oriental Medicine
M.Ac. Master of Acupuncture
L.Ac. Licensed Acupuncturist

Brian Dougherty O.M.D, M.Ac, L.Ac is a practitioner who believes in empowering the patient to take charge of his or her own wellness, and skillfully assists them with great compassion in treating the root cause of their condition. Brian is a general family medicine practitioner who treats his patients with different chronic conditions such as lyme and autoimmune disorders, women's health/fertility, and pediatrics. He also has had clinical success with healing from emotional trauma (PTSD), and depression/anxiety. For self-care Brian enjoys spending time with his kids, listening to live music, reading a real page-turner, and travel.