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Anahita Seyedan, D.O.M, MAc, LAc, MS

".. I felt better as soon as I got off of the table, just walking downstairs I feel a world of difference..

"I'm grateful to have found a doctor that takes a different approach, we literally have tried everything, and now I am feeling like with her help we will get through this!"

"Dr. Seyedan is a blessing! I am so glad I made my appointment, months of feeling no difference I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel."

" I just have to say thank you so much again for the treatment yesterday.  Within a couple of hours I felt a big difference... Thank you again for your caring and amazing pain relief!"

"As always thanks for the good job you did, today even more.  I appreciate it so much.  I feel fine, no headaches, my neck area was sensitive before but now it is better!"


"I am so happy I took a chance on the unknown! I feel so much better after one visit!"

"Dr. Seyedan is very knowledgeable and patient.  Answered all my questions and made me feel better about the appointment."

" I do feel better this morning ... Thank you so much for your treatment and caring!"


"... you're a gift to us! You are what a Doctor is meant to be, helping us bear this burden and walking alongside and infront."

"I just want to let you know that my neutrophils shot up after my treatment with you! pretty exciting right?! Remember they started at a much lower number and then even dropped more after 4 days of chemo?! I had my labs done the day after I saw you and now they are up within normal range. Amazing" 

"I started with Dr. Seyedan for my plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow, numbness in finger tips, and lower back pain. I was in tremendous amount of pain and wasn't  really able to sleep at night. I was told that I have to do surgery. Acupuncture was my last option before surgery. Today after two years, my plantar fasciitis is a history, my low back pain is gone, the tingling sensation is 90% better. I can't be more thankful and I always refer her to anyone who wants to be treated by a truly caring, enthusiastic, and patient doctor who listens"

" I call Dr. Seyedan the miracle worker, because she treats any pain or illness that I have. I went to other acupuncturists for years and my IT band wasn't getting any better. she treated my IT band and my bloating in abdomen area. Its magic!"

"Dr. Seyedan is one of those doctors that as soon as you walk in, her grounding energy makes you feel better. Her positive energy is powerful and feels up the room".


"Thank you so much for your care and treatments. I haven't felt this good in a long time. My son send me to another doctor and I told him afterwards that please don't make me go anywhere else! I have faith in Dr. Seyedan and I'm so grateful I have her as my practitioner. She really cares and I feel that I am at home getting care from a family member. I trust her"


Sheeba Asad, ND

"... very knowledgeable, was very happy to learn of her extensive background with functional testing!"


"she took her time to explain everything to me and answered all my questions about my results..."

"Dr. Asad is wonderful! I am so glad I made my appointment, and excited for my weight loss journey!"

"detailed, thorough and overall welcoming and kind.  She is a true delight!"


"Dr. Asad is a wonderful asset to IFM, I'm happy she is on board!"

Hunter Thompson, D.O.M, MAc, LAc


"I really like Hunter; he's very caring.  I felt good from the treatments and care that I received from ​ H​unter.  The day after my first acupuncture was the best I've ever felt in my whole life."


"The words that immediately come to mind when I think about my experiences in the treatment room with Hunter are: safe, unconditional acceptance, deep listening, and calm precision. Hunter provides a safe, healing space for me to share my deepest emotions and concerns, which is free of judgment and criticism. ... I feel completely safe in his presence and blessed to be in treatment with someone who truly understands the way I feel and how those feelings manifest in my body."

"Hunter has been an invaluable partner in my wellness journey this past year ... He honors the medicine that is 5 Element Acupuncture and always holds me to my highest. He is respectful, selfless and caring as he works with me in his treatment room. I highly recommend Hunter as an Acupuncturist"

"I began acupuncture treatment with Hunter about 4 years ago ... The treatments were incredibly helpful … Hunter is a caring and careful practitioner, taking time to understand where I am both physically and emotionally and tailoring my treatment appropriately. I can’t recommend him highly enough"


"In his presence I know that I am whole and that I am cared for in my wellness journey. I highly recommend Hunter as an Acupuncturist."


"I first came to Hunter with a knee injury and for help with my COPD. After the first few treatments my knee pain and swelling were significantly reduced and I was able to walk without my cane. My breathing became easier with treatment. I have not had any significant respiratory problems since treatment began. Hunter has been caring and effective for my short and long-term health issues."


"I believe in my heart the acupuncture really does help.  I feel more centered, I can deal with all the problems, and [I have] hardly any pain."


"He's such a sweet spirit.  She's in love with him"


"We have such great converstation.  I feel very comfrotable; I feel like he really knows what he's doing -- his experience and understanding and openiness to functional medicine.  He's great i really enjoy (the sessions).  "


Jennifer Rabenhorst, MD, MAc, LAc

"Dr. Rabenhorst is just great, always answers all my questions"

"Dr. Rabenhorst just cares, and makes me think I'm not crazy"


"no one else believes in lyme, so it is great she gets it"


"I just love how welcoming you make us feel, it is great"


"thank you for always taking the time to help me and make me feel like we are headed down the

right direction"


"I'm so glad my sister recommended Dr. Rabenhorst, she is amazing"


"Dr. Rabenhorst always makes me feel like she helps me and is always just patient with me"


"Dr. Rabenhorst literally saved my life."


"... thank you for all you have done. You have been very good to me and have always encouraged me.  Words cannot express the level of my gratitude."

"The entire rest of my life would have been spent searching for answers ... if it weren't for you.  It would have been spent in half-life.  You set me free :)  How could I ever keep from singing your praises? :)"


"Thank you for all that you've done for me. I continue to look forward to working with you in this healing journey."

"...I love to be under your caring care! (Never thought I was going to write this to a physician)"

"This has been the most positive medical experience for me."

"You're the best doctor I've ever had."

"Thank you for always believing in me and for getting me to realize how powerful I am and that my body is capable of healing"

"I prayed for a doctor like you ... From my purview, you are quite literally a Godsend. Your passion for helping patients like me learn to begin the healing process is remarkable. ... I always credit my faith, my family, and my doctor (you) for directing me back on the path to recovery, health, and wellness. You are indeed what I consider one of my earth-bound angels."

"[I like] the focus on wellness as opposed to illness ... the focus on natural approaches to health."

"Dr. Rabenhorst is the type of doctor I would want to be if I were a doctor. She never cuts you short and does not just shove pills. She changes your lifestyle to bring about permanent changes. She qualifies as my personal physician instead of being treated like a part moving on an assembly line."

"I think that you are uniquely knowledgeable in areas that most doctors know nothing about. Thank you for being willing to go outside of 'standard of care'."

"You are truly a wonderful doctor but somehow a spiritual leader as well."

"Either that session was the ultimate 'placebo' effect or this is the beginning of something wonderful. After our session, I really felt as if a weight had been lifted, which was in stark contrast to how I felt when I entered your office! ... [I'm] feeling better (stronger) and can definitely tell I am moving in the right direction. So, THANK YOU. I AM VERY GRATEFUL."

"I like that she is open to things that other doctors are not. She has some good ideas for promoting health and preventing problems."

"...You have helped me learn how to walk my path with grace. You have shown me boundless patience, listening, acceptance and love. ... You have asked me the most difficult questions ... and helped me explore the 'me' I had forgotten ... You have brought out my observer ... I am also beginning to understand how important it is to take care of myself. ... Movement and change is a constant of life, and we are all learning how to dance."

"She is easy to talk to and listens intently to what a person says. She has a good sense of humor and is cheerful which helped me feel relaxed and hopeful ... She seems so knowledgeable and capable which is important but it's her empathy and positive outlook that impressed me. I feel she is an excellent healer, a gift to her patients and the healing arts."

"I like the combined conventional and holistic approach."

"Integrates eastern and western medicine very well. Very professional and courteous. Great bedside manner..."

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me!! I'm so thankful that there are doctors like you who practice true healing for health and well being."

​"I have consistently seen your ability to proactively work with patients ... to reclaim her health"


The Office

"I love how nice everyone is, to your face and on phone"

"Sasha is so helpful, always makes sure to call my back and answer my questions"

"your staff is so helpful and nice"

"everyone is so kind in the office"

"Sasha was very patient and calm, she helped answer all my questions and made me feel good after my appointment"

​"It's relaxed and low-key and friendly"

" also run the most stress-free medical practice I have ever experienced..."

"I am honestly floored by the level of attention you and your office have provided me.  I am so used to sub-par care where my Dr. doesn't get back to me for days and even weeks at a time."


"...And thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it very much!!"

"Thank you to everyone in the office for being so accommodating during our visit."


"Thanks for your time and care yesterday. You made me feel very welcomed from the first moment I stepped in the office!"


"Great meeting you in person yesterday. Thanks for your patient and kind attention. "


"Btw your staff was a-ma-zing yesterday! Thanks for taking such good care of us."


"I always leave the IFM office feeling better and more hopeful than when I walked in. Your staff is uplifting and incredibly friendly and helpful. I've brought all 3 of our young children in for a blood draw, and was overwhelmed by the genuine care and helpfulness we received from every staff member. And I was back in today with my three-year-old, and your staff rolled out the red carpet for her, so to speak, talked 'kid speak' to her and made her feel like a queen. Thanks for making potentially rough situations into happy experiences and memories!"


"I felt better just coming in here.  Everyone was so helpful."


"You guys continue to be awesome, about everything! ; )"

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