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Spiritual Coaching and Energetic Healing

Dr Rabenhorst, MD, MAc has been practicing integrative medicine for over 10 years, including life and spiritual coaching.  She also has had training in Akashic Records and has studied multiple energy modalities including Acupuncture, crystal healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Past Life healing, medical intuition training, and Sufi Healing. 

In additional to her integrative medicine training, she has also studied Jeffry Yuen, SEVA Process Acupuncture work, essential oils, homeopathy, and zero balancing.  She has lead a monthly Ekhart Mediation group and has taken multiple Landmark courses.  

She is offering for a limited time a special Lightworker Spiritual Coaching for MUIH Alumni and Students at 50% off regular rates:  30 min for $60.

If you are interested in making an appointment, please email: ifmhealth@gmail.c


"...You have helped me learn how to walk my path with grace. You have shown me boundless patience, listening, acceptance and love..."

"... Your loving approach helped me feel comfortable, courageous and calm..."

"Advising me ... has helped me change my life around..."

"Your wisdom, knowledge and intuition has given me hope and with hope comes belief. It's a beautiful thing. You are a healer."

"Your gift has been shared with others. My counselor teared up and later smiled after considering the profound nature of your observations and advice..."

"... I really have solidified my new path. I've never felt so sure of myself and confident before. I really do love who I'm becoming, the [me] who has been there all along."

"I feel really good seeing her; her philosophy and the way she handles situations in your life..."

"...heal my heart and my body... Where have you been all my life?"

"... I feel hope... she knows life and she knows patterns of people."

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