Current Patients: Frequently Asked Questions


We encourage you to be curious. Get know your portal account and how it works by going to the paitent portal and clicking through the menu on the right.

To learn more about how to use your portal account; booking and canceling appointments online; requesting prescription & supplement refills; managing personal information like addresses and pharmacies in the portal; office policies and more, see below. 

You can review and download Documents too (Many more documents are in the Patient Portal):

 the right side of the screen

3. Find the blue button that says "View Statement" and click on it

4. You can see itemized list of charges and payments

To pay your current balance or to prepay for Saturday acupuncture or sauna services

1. Click on the "Make Payment" button to the right of "Your Current Balance"

2. At the next screen, put in the amount you are paying, (If you have a balance on your account, the full amount will show in the box)

3. Select the credit card you will be using or add a new card

4. Click make a payment

When will my Lab results be ready? 

Standard lab results (most labs from Quest or Labcorp) take up to 2 weeks to be posted.  Functional medicine labs can take 6 weeks or longer.  When planning blood draws, please allot enough time for labs to be back prior to your follow-up appointment.

You will know when your labs have been received and reviewed via a portal email notification. Be sure to check your spam box.  Please do not contact the office for lab results if enough time has not passed.

Lab and study results will be reviewed by an IFM practitioner. Once reviewed, the IFM practitioner will upload the results to your patient portal and send you a message through the portal. You will receive an email notification to alert you the portal message. Your follow­-up appointment will incorporate time to go over the lab tests and studies ordered. If results indicate a need for immediate attention, the office will contact you. If you need to speak with your practitioner about your results sooner than your next scheduled appointment, you may initiate an email consult by replying to the portal message or initiate a phone consult through the portal or by calling the office.

Payment Policy

Full payment is due at the time of your office appointment. Invoices for phone and email consults, forms, and supplement orders are due at the time of service. Payment can be made through the patient portal under the Invoice & Payment menu.

IFM accepts all major credit cards for payment. Our billing system requires this data to be input and stored. We will use stored credit cards for payment for services rendered or items purchased. Before charging your credit card on file, we will ask for verification of this payment method. If no response is given or no other form of payment is received in 30 days, the credit card on file will be charged. We encourage you to manage your credit card information and payments through your patient portal account in the Invoice & Payment menu.

There is a $40 fee for returned checks.

Cancellation Policy 

For same day appointments or cancellations/changes within 4 business days of your appointment please call the office. If you do not receive an email confirmation for your appointment, you do not have an appointment.

There is often a wait list for appointment slots.  Please give us the courtesy of advanced notice for appointment cancellations.  There is a $75 charge for late/missed medical appointments or cancellations without a notice of three business days.  There is a $35 cancellation fee for acupuncture appointments.

For new patients:  If you cancel your appointment you forfeit your deposit. 

We will contact you regarding inclement weather, often the night before.  We understand that many patients travel far to get to us, and will coordinate rescheduling with you.

Insurance Policy

IFM does not participate with insurance companies. You will receive the paperwork necessary to file a claim with your insurance company. This does not apply to Medicare or Tricare. Medicare and Tricare will NOT reimburse.

Insurance companies will not reimburse for sauna treatments. Coverage for functional medicine labs and acupuncture is variable.

It is your responsibility to be familiar with the terms of your health insurance plan, including coverage, precertifications, partnered laboratories, formularies, etc. Please be familiar with which laboratory your insurance uses (usually Labcorp and/or Quest). It is your responsibility as a patient to check with your insurance company regarding coverage policies and to initiate and complete the insurance reimbursement process.  IFM is not responsible for submitting claims for any services or products to your insurance, including laboratory fees and office visit charges. Reimbursement is not guaranteed. Note that an Insurance Provider may not cover labs, referrals, studies, or prescriptions requested by an out of network provider. An Insurance Provider may not cover a basic physical exam (i.e. no specific problem/complaint) if there has been one within the last 1­2 years. In the spirit of partnership, attempts will always be made to accommodate your needs.

If it becomes necessary for the office to communicate with or send information to an insurance company on behalf of a patient, the patient may be charged for the time spent.

Supplement Return Policy 

Supplements that are both unopened and unexpired may be returned for the IFM purchase price to your patient account within 60 days of purchase. Specially ordered supplements may be returned unopened and unexpired within 60 days for a 50% refund to your patient account. Supplements in the will ­call/pick­up basket will be restocked after 60 days and will not be refunded to your patient account.

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