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Holistic Medical Consultations

This includes holistic medical care consultations for specific conditions or general wellness.  Conditions we frequently treat include fatigue, thyroid disease, women's hormones, weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, food allergies, Lyme disease and more. 

We use herbs, nutrition, and energetic therapies including homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, life coaching, essential oils and meditative practices may be woven into your treatment plan.

The initial appointment is approximately 1.5 hours. Follow-up usually lasts 45-60 minutes.   Phone consults and Email (Patient portal) consultations are available.

Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture

​Dr. Anahita Seyedan, DOM, Dr. Hunter Thompson, D.O.M, MAc, LAc, and

Dr. Brian Dougherty D.O.M (joining August 2018) also provide Acupuncture sessions to new and established patients. Treatments run about an hour to an hour and half. They can also do simple treatments as part of the medical appointment or an add-on acupuncture appointment.  Patients also have the option of reserving an add-on mini acupuncture session after their medical visits. In addition to acupuncture, Dr. Seyedan treats her patients with prescribing herbal medicine and life coaching.

IR Sauna

We also offer IR sauna.  Our whole body infra-red sauna is a great way to rid the body of toxins as well as support improved circulation and cell health. It also helps your body kick out viruses like colds and flu.  Have a relaxing spa-like experience: listen to your favorite music and enjoy a refreshing drink of coconut water while doing your body good!


In addition to ordering conventional labs through your insurance company (usually Quest or Labcorp), we also offer many functional medicine laboratory evaluations. Available tests include digestive studies, food sensitivities, antioxidant and nutritional deficiencies and evaluation, hormones, heavy metals, etc.


Office visits and phone services are time based -- fees will vary

Initial Consultation (Approximately 1.5 - 2 hours)

Components usually include:

  • Holistic evaluation

  • Integrative physical exam (may include tongue evaluation, pulse diagnostics, and/or nail assessment)

  • Customized assessment

  • Individualized herbal, nutritional, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

  • Health screening as appropriate

  • Printed plan for course of treatment

  • Prescriptions as needed

  • Laboratory requisitions as needed (through your insurance whenever possible)

  • Educational materials

Follow-Up Consultations 
  • Same as initial

  • Lab Review

  • Evaluate and revise treatment plan

Follow-Up Consultations with Genetic or Functional Lab Result Review
  • Same as initial

  • Review of MTHFR Support Report or Nutritional Functional Lab

  • Evaluate and revise treatment plan


Other services

  • Limited Medical Follow-Up

  • Acupuncture, can be combined with add-on Acupuncture/Chinese Herbs  
  • Phone Consults

  • Online services (Portal) 

  • Specialized/Functional Lab tests 

  • IR Sauna

  • Chinese medicinal herbal Bath
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