Excerpt on Functional Medicine for IFM Website

Excerpt on Functional Medicine for IFM Website

In Western culture, it is often common for healthcare providers to focus on “fixing” a problem. Many times, this includes an immediate prescription for medication or a “band-aid” fix. While medication and other treatment options for a specific ailment are sometimes necessary, Functional medicine takes a different approach.

Functional Medicine focuses on preventing these ailments altogether. This way of practicing combines both Western and Eastern medicine to create a tailored fit for the individual rather than applying a “one-size-fits-all” plan. This includes more time spent with your provider
discussing your entire lifestyle; diet, sleep patterns, activity levels, and personal / family background. Lab orders are often placed to help us determine how your entire body is functioning as each system impacts the others and your overall health. We may suggest changes to your lifestyle, acupuncture, herbs, or more traditional western medication. These suggestions are personalized to the individual patient.

By taking our time, we work with our patients to determine what their specific concerns and needs are. We are then able to work together to create an approach that focuses on preventing illness and increasing vitality and overall wellness.


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